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Thank you for visiting the official Hookamax Dive Systems Online web store. Hookamax Dive Systems is an industry leading manufacturer of hookah diving systems, also known as; hookah diving rigs, hookahs, hookas, powered snorkles, snuba and surface air systems.

Why hookah? Hookah diving systems are a safe, efficient and cost effective alternative to traditional scuba diving systems. Hookah diving systems are closely related to scuba diving systems and generally include many of the same components. Many Hookamax customers, like yourself, prefer hookah diving systems over traditional scuba diving systems because of the hookahs portability and user friendly design. With traditional scuba diving systems, you are forced to travel to your dive site with numerous heavy tanks that need to be filled after every use. Not only do these tanks take up valuable space, but they only supply enough air for one diver, for an average of one hour. With scuba, you pay ten dollar on average to fill one tank. With hookah diving systems you get an unlimited supply of air directly through the compressor, with no refilling charge, annual tank inspection charges and the portability of one small system, verses numerous large and heavy tanks. Scuba divers, like yourself are converting to hookah divers all over the world. By the time you add up the price of a complete scuba diving system, verses a Hookamax dive system, you will clearly see why Hookamax is revolutionizing the diving industry.

Hookamax dive systems offers several different hookah diving systems in various configurations to fit the diverse need of our customers all over the world. Hookamax offers three, 110 volt electric hookah diving systems, one, 12 volt battery operated hookah diving systems (with, or without float), one, gasoline/ petrol hookah diving system (with float) and two heavy duty electric hookah systems. Hookamax dive systems, hookah diving systems are the most versatile on the market. Our gasoline powered hookah diving system can be used as either a stationary hookah diving system, or a floating hookah diving system. The Hookamax G2005C gas hookah diving system convert from a stationary hookah to a floating hookah in less than five minutes. The Hookamax E2005C-12V, battery operated hookah diving system, can be converted to a floating systems in less than five minutes (with the optional float). Many of our competitors hookah diving systems cannot be converted from a stationary hooka system to a floating hooka system, because of their design. Hookamax dive systems designs all of our hookah diving systems with versatility in mind. Hookamax dive systems offers custom hookah hose length variations from twenty five to one-hundred feet in length. All Hookamax, hooka diving rigs can be expanded, with an add a diver kit, to add an additional diver. Many other hookah diving systems on the market today, require you to upgrade the entire hooka rig in order to add another diver.

Why choose Hookamax? Since 1996, Hookamax has been a leader in the hookah diving industry. We have seen many other brands come and go, but we have remained a constant in the industry. Hookamax Dive Systems is a real "bricks and mortar" business, located in the heart of Midwest manufacturing, in Michigan. We will be here for years to come to provide you with industry leading products at factory direct pricing. Why factory direct? Many other brands in the hookah diving industry, sell units through distributors. While distributors play a valuable role in their business, having a middle man drives up the price of their hookah diving units, considerably. Feel free to search the internet for reputable, high quality hookah diving system manufacturers. You will find that Hookamax's prices are also industry leading, due to factory direct pricing. Hookamax Dive System's design also sets us apart from our competition. Hookamax Dive Systems G2005C gasoline powered hookah diving system is in a class by itself. The Hookamax G2005C's design is the safest on the market today. For many years we only manufactured stationary gasoline and battery operated hookah diving systems, because of the inherent overturn risk associated with many inner tube style floating hookah units. The Hookamax team decided to revolutionize the hookah floating systems and came up with a safe floating design for the G2005C. The Hookamax team went with a small life raft style float design, which has a much lower center of gravity and rides the waves with ease. It is your life so trust a manufacturer with a proven safety track record. At Hookamax Dive Systems, we are dedicated to building you the safest, high quality products in the hookah diving industry.

Take a moment to explore our site and you will find that our systems; design, price, versatility, quality and warranty are industry leading

Hookamax Dive Systems operates for 8 am to 5 pm Monday-Friday eastern standard time and ships to you same or next day(depending on the time of your order).  You may view our official website at www.hookamax.com  with further questions on our products, or to place an order over the phone at 269-273-4230.

Pictured: The G2005C Gas/Petrol Floating unit




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